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"...leave a message, if you want.

IC contact

Mar. 25th, 2020 12:41 pm
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"It's Charlie. Leave one."

[ooc: IC contact for charlie. also good for action spam, text messages and phone calls. doesn't count towards AC.]


Jul. 9th, 2017 12:42 pm
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[ Charlie's taking a break fro the food truck for now. People are fed. There are no customers to worry about. Wendy is sitting nearby, coloring in a coloring book and babbling at Malina and the baby is babbling back, grinning and giggling at her big sisters silliness.</small. ] I have ten point five acres and was thinking of setting up a community garden in one of them. If you help with upkeep and maintenance, you get a portion of what's grown. Thoughts? Volunteers? Let's hear what you've got.
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Did you see the news? YouTube star survives horrific bus crash into river? Yes, that's me. Yes, that fire did start the way you're afraid it did. And yes, I do in fact need your ass and the rest of you on the next plane to philly. I know you're recording right now as you said you'd be but get here.

Charlie was in Philly to tour the food scene, her first entry into her new YouTube Red channel, McEats Eats The World! But, as fate would have it, recording didn't even start. They'd been on a bus to Lancaster, the roads were muddy and the bridge they had to cross at one point was slippery. The driver in the car in front of them was drunk and swerving and at one point, they'd veered in front of Charlie's bus. Swerving to avoid a collision caused the bus driver to swerve out of control and go over the edge of the bridge. Landing upside down, the bus sank quickly and Charlie got pinned under the seat, drowning five minutes later. And two minutes after that, reviving in a violent flash of quickly extinguished fire. It was enough for her to work her way out of the seat and out of the bus and moments later, into an ambulance.

There were X-rays and tests and when she was finally left alone, she texted her boyfriend.

She gives it at least eight hours before he shows up and since no one can figure out how she survived without injury, they were keeping her overnight for observation. Lame.
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China had been home for almost a year, if Charlie'd done her math right. It had been a blur getting here and their first apartment had been a shitfilled shithole with demon bugs from hell. But their new place? Their new place was spacious and...okay, was just one huge room with a bathroom, but even the bathroom was big.

And it wasn't like they needed a ton of space. If Charlie were going to be honest with the people that kept putting them up in different places around China? They didn't need anything fancy. Just not the bug infested shithole.

So she was happy with their loft apartment. It was close to everything, but still far enough away where Andrew and Charlie had their privacy. And there was skylight access which made their two-AM heroics that much easier.

Especially tonight.

They'd spent weeks tracking a group of people that had become a nuisance in town, their passion for violence ruining what would otherwise be a very nice neighborhood, and their love of mugging the elderly something that just wasn't okay by Charlie's standards. Deep down she suspected this was why they were put here because after they stopped a group of kidnappers in their old neighborhood and reunited families with missing relatives, it was suddenly time to move. They'd made a name for themselves as benevolent demons, though the people they went after often called them Yaoguai and once she'd told Andrew what it meant (strange ghost, but essentially they were being called demons), they decided to roll with it and terrorize the group of muggers and thugs.

This started off simply enough. Isolate the smaller idiots, scare them off and work their way towards the bigger people who were in charge using their powers to make it seem like the world just went Fucking Nuts. Shaking doors, random bursts of fire, moving objects everywhere. The usual Stupid Teen With Powers shit, complete with disguises that only left their eyes showing.

When they got to the head idiot in charge? That hadn't been as easy. He had a gun, and Charlie disliked those. Passionately. They reminded her of dying. He seemed less cocky, however, when the gun was removed from his hand and more willing to comply with Andrew and Charlie's demands once Andrew made a show of crushing the gun in his hands (through amazing and clever use of TK.)

Turn yourself in.

Turn your friends in.

We will know if you do and we will come after you again if you don't.

So now, Charlie was flopped on their bed in their apartment, dressed in a tank top and pajama bottoms and freshly showered. It was about twenty minutes after returning home and she was picking at the container of flavored beef and noodles she'd retrieved from the fridge and decided to eat cold. Her eyes were on the skylight and she was kinda smirking.

"Any time I look at that skylight, I'm reminded of the skylight I had at home and the many times it was basically a door. I'm pretty sure my door got used twice. Grand total. For the entire time that I've known you."
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Charlie and patience were not now nor had they ever been on speaking term. She was a quick thinking girl who had no time to wait for anything so watching Rocky play through this RPG she'd had custom made? It was killing her, especially since she was waiting for him to get to the end and discover why she'd had it made. She was pregnant and this was the best way she could think of to announce it.

The game had been made in a week by a friend of hers and it was called 'The Crazy Wonderful Beautiful Adventures of Bane and McEats' and she'd called her friend up the minute she received news from her doctor saying yes. She was pregnant. And she even had an ultrasound photo of not one but two little blips. Twins. They were having twins.

And she'd had that image incorporated into the ending, complete with a voice over recorded by her that told the story of why she'd had this game made ending with her saying "Congratulations, my favorite nerd. We're going to be parents." And the basics of this game had been them running around trying to find spare parts for a broken projector and an outdoor movie screen (which was a nod to how they spent movie nights) all while doing crazy quests for friends. Quests like make an Angry Phoenix dish or hunt down recipe pages in SlenderChefs restaurant from hell. It was one of the most random and insane things she'd ever seen and she loved it.

But that damn wait was killing her and a bored Phoenix is not a good thing. Thankfully, their characters had found the last piece for the camera and Rocky was two minutes from hearing that message and seeing that ultrasound photo.

This was gonna be a blast to edit later.
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Charlie's decision to sell her part of From the Ashes wasn't one she took even remotely lightly. It wasn't a whim. It wasn't something she woke up one day and just decided to do. As impulsive as her kind were, she really thought this through. That restaurant was her baby, so letting it go was a hard decision. She wanted to be with Rocky, though, and when he asked her to move in with her, she sat her business partners down and went through her decision with them.

She was still listed as a founder and there was a picture of her on the wall. And she was allowed to take her recipes and start a food truck with them, a food truck aptly named Rise Again. It's a theme. She's rolling with it.

Now was her first morning in Nevada and she'd gotten up early to make breakfast for Rocky. She'd been given an Adventure Time cook book from Teiran because that had been their favorite show, and now there was a stack of bacon pancakes with honey butter and maple jelly waiting for Rocky. As was a Charlie in a McEats tank-top and short pajama shorts. She gave him at least twenty minutes after she got out of bed before he came wandering to find her.
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Charlie is asleep, curled up in a small ball with a customized PS4 controller in hand, the design on it cats eating pasta. But that's not really important. What matters is Charlie is curled up in a small ball when she wanted to be awake so she could greet her boyfriend when he arrived.

A lot happened in the past few weeks and while Charlie tends to be fairly easy going, she hits limits and hits them hard. it had been a succession of one thing after another, one of the things being a few coworkers having to quit due to school and other obligations. Which was fine, she got it. But filling those positions and training newbies was never fun for her.

And then customers being dicks and having nightmares about Nolan.

She'd hit a limit and decided to call Rocky and ask him to join her for a staycation. A much needed staycation.

And she really did plan to stay awake to await his arrival, putting in inFamous: Second Son to play until he got there, but it was while she was powering Delsin's Neon abilities up when it hit her how tired she was from everything. She only intended to close her eyes for a few minutes, but that turned into a couple hours and she didn't hear Rocky use the key she hid for him to let himself in.
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Charlie'd had enough of being on Go to last a lifetime. She really didn't want to be out of her house or out of washington with Nolan recovering, but she had prior commitments she was pushed to keep. By Nolan. Who probably really has hit a limit with how often she asks if he's okay or if he needs anything.

So to the stuffy restaurateur's convention she went. Or...welllll that was her intention. Instead, she went to Nevada to be with Rocky for what was supposed to be a few hours. It turned into a whole weekend with her werewolf boyfriend and honestly, it was what she needed to reset herself and relax. She'd been so on edge since the mugging that she had started to annoy herself.

Now she was home with Nolan, picking at take-out from the Thai place four blocks down and watching Men in Black 2.

She'd been quiet for most of it, but the second Johnny Knoxville's character showed up, she points at the TV and looks at Nolan.

"Did I ever tell you he's a Phoenix?" She's going to wait for him to respond, smirking some.
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Charlie's not the biggest fan of the restauranteur convention, mostly because it's all old people in stuffy clothing with stuffier attitudes. She attended her first one at nineteen and basically got laughed at. Somehow, she got suckered into going and while she did in fact at least want to visit New Mexico, there was something she wanted to do more.

Nevada had, surprisingly, not been on her route but a few GPS tweaks later and she was at least en route. It was at a rest stop, diner burger in a to go package on her knees as she sat in her car, where she pulled out her cellphone to text Rock.

Hey, sexy. I need your address. I'm sending you something I think you'll enjoy and no, you're not allowed to ask what. Just enjoy the surprise.
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[For Nolan]






but anyway, if you knew and you forgot to tell me, i'll blame the codeine and not kill you this time

[and for Rocky]

poll: i want to donate my hair to wigs for kids. great idea or no? it'd just be chin length once they're done
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[ It starts out with basically the same McEats Intro. Some awesome music, a cartoon drawing of her holding a spatula with a big grin on her face and her usual PSA wherein this isn't for kids because she swears a lot. And then, Charlie's outside and it's obvious she's holding the camera herself. It's windy in Seattle so her hair is tied back and she has a hoodie on with a Pokemon logo on the right. ]

Hey, guys. Sorry for being absent. Like Bane said, I had some real-life stuff to handle and that had to take priority for awhile. But I'm back and I'm here to answer a question a lot of you asked lately.

'What's a day in the life like for McEats?'

I don't know how exciting this video is going to be, but here goes. It's...

[ And she checks her watch, nose wrinkling. ]

Well, my day starts early as fuck. It's 6 AM and I have to head to the docks to talk to my fish guy.

[ She inhales softly, sniffing the air for a moment before looking so happy! ]

But first, an important stop. You really can't start the day without a good breakfast.

[ Cut to: Charlie standing in line at a food truck that advertises freshly made mini cider donuts and hot coffee. She's talking to the people who run it, all friendly and familiar. ]

Is it okay if I film how the donuts are made? [ Something is said and she perks up. ]

It is? Awesome! Thank you so much.

[ And another cut to donuts being made by an old fashioned machine. Batter is dropped in perfect circles about an inch in diameter into heated oil and the donuts float along as they fry the machine flipping them perfectly so they cook right on the other side and someone scoops them out, putting them on paper to drain. Charlie orders a dozen and a coffee, asking for cinnamon sugar toppings. They're stuffed into a bag and handed over and Charlie continues on, stuffing a donut in her mouth. ]

Alway--[ Hang on. She had a mouth full of food. It's washed away with a sip of coffee and she clears her throat, addressing the camera. ]

Always ask before filming, because some people just aren't for it and that's more than okay.

[ And another cut, this time to Charlie at the docks, leaving with a long receipt in one hand. ]

Like I said, some people aren't for it. My guy at the docks is very camera shy, so I had to put the camera away. That's fine. I can respect that.

Now, to work to drop off the delivery list.

Again, this is gonna be very boring.

[ This time it's not so much a cut as it's someone sped up the boring parts of Charlie making a few more stops to order vegetables and fruits and other large quantities of ingredients, finally arriving at From the Ashes. ]

Okay! It's actually now about...ten in the morning and a lot of my orders have been placed for work. We buy local and support small business farmers and butcher shops and deal only with the freshest ingredients. It's something we all agreed on before we even opened the place. You wanna see where I work?

[ This is probably where Nolan got a hold of things and did some editing because Charlie's entrance into the back door of her restaurant is in slow motion and to Lenny Kravitz' cover of American Woman, but then there's a record scratch as Charlie almost walks into someone and apologizes profusely. ]

Oh, god. Are you okay? You good? Hey! How's it going? Good to see you.

[ And to the camera, she looks properly embarrassed as she ducks off screen. It's another cut, this time to the prep area. ]

This is where I do a lot of help with prep work. Chopping, filleting, portioning. All the boring shit that goes into making great food.

[ She clearly does not think this is boring. Not with the big dumb grin on her face. ]

All of my orders from earlier are starting to roll in, and what usually happens is I pick a few things out to make a special for the day, whip it up and show everyone how to do it. Thankfully, I had a coworker do it yesterday and there are ribs cooking in the oven for a braised rib taco dish for today. So I don't have to worry.

Sorry. Next time.

[ There's a few more spots filled in with Charlie actually doing some cooking, and even doing some prep work for an Angry Phoenix challenge. This involves making a pasta infused with Ghost Pepper oil, a thick sauce made from several crazy-hot peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions. It's basically madness with some extra large crawfish and prawns and clams thrown in and the pasta is hand rolled. Instead of showing who has the challenge coming their way, she shows people the Wall of Shame, wherein there are 78 people. The Wall of Fame is deceptively empty and there may or may not be Halloween cobwebs strung across it. ]

Maybe someday there'll be a picture up. I doubt it. I'm not exactly nice when it comes to that food challenge. Which, someone’s going to learn real soon, aren’t you, Bane?

[ With that, Charlie turns the camera to one Bane, a grin on his face. ]

Darn tootin’! [He adds a thumbs up for emphasis to add to his cheesy smile and deliberately stilted speech.] Because nothing says fun like dining on fine Italian cuisine made with top quality seafood and the concentrated essence of a thousand demon buttholes to burn the flesh from my skin! And mouth. And esophagus...and my butthole. I’m basically gonna burn alive, is what I’m trying to say.

[ There’s nothing but laughter from Charlie and then she turns the camera to herself for a moment. ]

If he finishes, he said he’s gonna donate the five hundred dollar cash prize to charity.

[ And there’s more, but Charlie won’t say, turning the camera back to Bane. ]

[Rocky nodded, still overly cheerful….and still giving the camera a thumbs up.]

I’ll leave it to them in my will! Because I’m gonna be a pile of garlic scented ashes. [He then abruptly drapes an arm around Charlie’s shoulders, deliberately hanging on her as he continues to address the camera.]

I’m gonna die is what I’m saying. From demon butthole pasta. And fire. [He pauses, looking down at Charlie with a dubious expression.] I just wanna know, are you a confirmed sadist? Or is it just a hobby? [He’s fighting the giggles now, and leaning on her more for support than to be obnoxious and derpy.]

[ Charlie looks up at him, smirking and trying to not giggle, too. He’s cute. She can easily admit to that. ]

This is the part where you want me to offer words of comfort and reassure you that everything’ll be fine, isn’t it?
[ Silence. And then Charlie’s laughing. ]

That’s funny.

[Rocky’s just giggling endlessly now, resting his forehead on her shoulder as he tries to quell his laughter, but without success. He can’t help it, it’s been a crazy few days, he’s insane, and she’s his brand of crazy. He’s kind of not ready to ever go home, and thinks he may have found his new best friend, and bonus: she’s a super cute blonde.]

I hate you.

[It might as well have been an ‘I love you’ as he finally got some of his giggles under control and composed himself. Straightening, he made a show of brushing off his shirt, straightening an imaginary tie over the Playstation t-shirt he was wearing, then saluted Charlie theatrically.]

Right. Into battle with demon buttholes I go.

[He turns to the camera one last time, faking a grimace of desperation.]


[ With that, Charlie turns to the camera with a smirk. ]

He’s right. I kinda am a sadist. Kinda. Now that you know, you’ll have to wait to see how this goes when Bane posts his video. Later!

[ And now it's time to go home, but there are no exterior shots of her apartment. Instead, it's right to the interior. Right where she's seated next to one Nolan from 'Keep the Camera's Nolan'. They're both grinning at the camera, Nolan looking kinda tired but happy to see Charlene. He's eating something she brought home, as is she, and when she swallows the bite in her mouth, she addresses the camera one last time. ]

Hey, all. It's now 9:30 at night, sorry most of the day was spent at work. But, you asked what I did and there it was. When I'm not working on videos for all of you, I'm working hard at feeding people and sometimes I come home to my roommate and watch bad tv until it's time to sleep. Thank you for putting up with this pathetic excuse for a video and tune in next week where, to celebrate the release of PokemonGo!, I teach you all how to make Pokemon Candy Cake Pops. Keep being awesome! BYE!

[ AAAnd the outro music.]
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Okay, so I couldn't find a gif I liked for this meme, so I'm just gonna type this out.

This is a Morning After Meme. Yes, you heard me. A Morning After Meme.

But there are options (since I tend to play charlie f/m for romantic ships). It could be the morning after our characters had sex.

OR! For the plutonic ships, it could be the morning after a really wild party somewhere. Hangovers, anyone?

Set the scene, ping me for a starter. Either way, let's get cute. Or probably gross if it's a hangover.
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Nolan gets to hang out in the hospital for another day or two and my apartment is too quiet. I also think I'm starting to get on Nolan's nerves being around all the time. Do you want to come over and hang out? I'll make you dinner and we can play something. I have Octodad: Dadliest Catch and want to try it on co-op mode.
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[ There's Charlie's usual "THIS SHIT AIN'T FOR KIDS!" warning and then a shot of Charlie, standing in her heavily geek themed kitchen. Based on whatever the video is about, she usually changes up the decor and today's decor is a little on the...creepy side. The knife block today is in fact one Pyramid Head, there are Salt and Pepper shaker Nurses (she has this shit custom made and it's wonderful) and there may even possibly be a coffee mug with an Armless Man on it. Even the background music for the video is Silent Hill-related. ]

Hey, world! It's McGee with your weekly McEats video. I just got back from Vidcon literally three hours ago, so all I really had time to do was reset the kitchen. My flight was delayed several times, and now here I am. Home. And without something to cook because I didn't have time to get the shit I needed.

Or to even come up with anything.

[ Pause. Shrug. She does look kinda tired. ]

That being said, someone recently asked me if I've ever recorded myself playing video games and I did. Once. A couple years ago, my friend Will dared me to play PT when it was released and while I am admittedly a huge fucking baby when it comes to these kinds of games, I managed to play through the entire thing with minimal swearing.

...that's a lie. I don't have enough money to cover the swearing I did.

[ There is no shame on her face as she admits any of this. ]

Next week, I promise to be back to our regularly scheduled cooking. There'll be a link in the description below to the recipe I'll be making so that anyone that wants to try it at home can. For now, enjoy my first and only attempt at making a Let's Play video!

[ And with that, the video starts. It's obvious it's from a couple years ago, because Charlie's hair is shorter, has a blue streak or two in it and she is definitely in a different house. The room she's in has a white and black background due to the soundproofing and she looks slightly nervous. But she continues on, a grin on her face and a cheerful tone in her voice as she talks to whomever is recording. ]

This is the last bet I'm ever going to lose to you, dude. The last one. I can't believe you're making me do this. [ Siiigh. ]

Alright then. Hello, everyone! I'm Charlie and this is my first Let's Play. Now, I'm just gonna say for the record that I really hate survival horror games, but as yu may have just heard...[ A glare at whoever is recording, nose wrinkling in annoyance. ] I lost a bet. So now, I have to play this shit. Let's get started!

[ The game starts and she reads the words that pop up. ]

"The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?"...what?

This is unsettling al-- oh, ew. Roaches. Get up. Get the *bleep* off the gross as *bleep* ground.

[ More playing, Charlie turning in a slow circle in the starting room. ]

What is that sound? What...okay. Time to leave.

[ Walking out the door and into a hall, Charlie is quiet as she sends the character through the house, stopping to examine the clock. ]

A minute until midnight. Is that when the weird sh*bleep* starts happening?

[ More walking around, looking at all the beer bottles and pills on the counter. ] an unhealthy amount of alcohol and drugs. I don't...

[ FIRST JUMP SCARE! Someone is banging on the bathroom door and Charlie jumped a mile, eyes going wide and arms curling up in a defensive posture. ]

WHAT THE---?! No! No, you stay in there. Keep...doing what you're doing. [ Pause. ]

You just...I hope everything comes out alright in the end. You do you. Bye.

[ Down the hall, down the steps, through the door and .... ]

...oh, good Christ.

[ This continues in pretty much the same vein, with Charlie's reactions to jump scares full of swearing and laughing at herself and even a series of "WOW! NO THAT'S NOT OKAY!" at the creepy baby thing in the bathroom. There's even one point when she looks up at the landing above the chandelier and sees the Ghost Woman staring down at her and she does nothing to contain the panic in her voice. ]

Oh! Oh, hey! H-how's it going? Nice house you have here. Why, I was just looking at the picture frame, where are you going? NO OKAY GOODBYE F*bleep* YOU WHY DID YOU MOVE?!

[ There's more gameplay, more swearing that ranges from scared to just flat out pissed when Lisa kills her a few times and then Charlie gets serious. It's the end of the game and she's figured out how to beat it, based on the clues throughout. And she's talking to herself in an even, sort of clipped tone. Occasionally, her eyes flash slightly, but that could be a trick of the lighting. Sure. ]

Something's being haunted. It's the bathroom mirror. Okay. Zoom in and...why is she twitching? Why is she coming closer? Please don't kill...okay. Okay. Now to...

[ And through the last few steps. When the phone rings and she picks it up, listening to the guy say 'you've been chosen', Charlie can't get her character out the front door fast enough. She watches the end cinematic, hands over her mouth like she's waiting for something bad to happen and then...credits. She throws her arms up in the air and shouts happily. ]

F*bleep* yeah! Hell, yeah! It's over! I did it!

[ Pointing to her camera man, who is laughing so much at her antics right now. ]

I'm going to end you. I know where you sleep. Never....ever I playing this kind of thing. No.

[ Without so much as a goodbye to end the filming of PT, Charlie takes her headset off and drops it on the table, drops the controller down, too, and stomps off camera, still swearing as her end-music plays. And it's back to Charlie in her kitchen, the slightly older Charlie who looks mildly amused. ]

And there you have it. This weeks video. Again, I'm sorry I don't have anything to cook, but I'm worn the fuck out. Until then, everybody, keep being awesome! Bye!

[ Her current end music plays as Charlie waves goodbye to the camera. End video. ]
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This was Charlie's first year at Vidcon as a guest and to be one-hundred percent honest? It was pretty terrifying. She hadn't really expected to get her cooking channel to pass 10 subscribers let alone the thousands she had, but apparently being a petite blonde with a sailor mouth and a love of cooking geeky things has a way of getting attention. Maybe it was the life-sized Dalek cake she made a couple years ago that did it, even going so far as to have another YouTuber known for building some amazingly geeky things build a motorized stand for the Dalek that did it, but that video got hit hard with views and the subscribers just kept coming.

When she heard she had been invited to Vidcon, of course she turned to her channel to ask what she should cook and the suggestions poured in. Now, she was on stage in front of fans, making something FNAF related.

"Seriously?" She asks her fans as she sets to work rolling brilliant white fondant in her hands "Five Nights at Freddy's? I can't even get past night one and you guys want me to make more cupcake decorations I mean, if you insist. But, I'm gonna need some help."

And with that, several hundred hands shoot up in the air.

"Well, holy shit." This wasn't going to be easy, was it?
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Player Name: Mouse
Are you 16 or older: Yes
Contact: Plurk @jellybabyoftheneutronflow
Current Characters: No
Tag: charlie mcgee

Name: Charlie McGee
Canon: Charlene Roberta McGee
Canon Point: Between the first and second film (which I'll never update her to)
Age: 16, so about 5 years after running from the Manders.

History: Not a lick of happiness here.

Personality: At this point in her life, Charlie doesn't trust anyone easily. She's been duped and lied to so many times that she can't. It's almost impossible for her to. She'll be friendly and nice to people, but don't take it for naivety. She's far from naive. She's wise beyond her years, due in no small part to how her life went for the first twelve years of it. She doesn't allow herself to get close to people, afraid that it will end badly for her or even worse for them and has a habit of pushing people away if she feels they're getting too close.

She's dishonest, too. She won't tell anyone her real name. She'll stick to a nickname or a false name. And only just that. If she does use her real name, it's either a miracle or a mistake.

When and if she does find someone she can trust, she bonds immediately and it's a strong bond. Her stubbornness won't let anything get between her and whoever it is she trusts. Charlie's loyal to the people she cares about and will fight to keep them with her.

She's learned from trusting Rainbird, however, that trusting people is just a mistake in general. So she's jaded. She tries to keep herself neutral to everything and keeps her emotions in check as best as possible. This is an old habit from childhood since her abilities were so strongly tied to them and made controlling her pyrokinesis quite tricky.

Even with all that, though, Charlie is saddled with a big heart. As closed off as she is, she can't help but care for people in need and want to do something to help them. She firmly believes at the core of her very being that life is short and pain is hard and we were all put on this planet to help each other. She wants more than anything to see good in a person, but will find it difficult to believe it's honest good and not out of a need to gain something.

She's a contradiction in terms of what she wants from people. On the one hand, she wants people to leave her alone. She thinks she'll only cause them trouble, which is very true. With The Shop still looking for her, Charlie's a magnet for hideous situations.

On the other hand, she craves normalcy. She wants to have friends and people who'll know her as Charlie and not whatever her name is that week. She wants people to accept what she can do because maybe that way, she'll be able to do the same.

You also have to remember that she is still a caring person, as shown with her relationship with the Manders. She's especially loving to the people that accept her for what she can do, what she's done, and who she is. Irv Manders in particular gave her the normal parent/child relationship she wanted. He treated her like his own child, and it broke Charlie to her very soul to run away on them. They were in danger, and this is where her fear of attachment comes in. She can't get close to people easily, not with the Shop an ever-present danger.

She will try, though, once she figures out the Shop can't get to her on the ship.

Abilities/Skills: Pyrokinesis, telekinesis, Danger Sense (limited to within minutes) and the ability to form an empathic/telepathic link with people if she really trusts them.

Avid reader. Despite missing several years in her education, she is in fact quite smart and loves to read. She is also quick at learning and loves being around food. She's also very organized and keeps messes to a minimum. She doesn't like to leave evidence that she was ever anywhere.

Weaknesses: She gets ill around the smell of cooked meat, it's a PTSD thing. She relates it to the smell of burning bodies.

She'd be good in a library or a kitchen, but won't be too picky about where she's sent.


Ratty backpack with:

Four changes of clothes.
A file with news clips about a 'terrorist attack on a pharmaceutical company' which she knows is BS.
A journal with letters to her dad in it.

Network Sample:

[ There's the sound of something being fumbled, a grumble and a few swears, and the screen goes blank. Someone hit the off switch. Oops.

Oh, look, now it's back on and the teenager on screen looks like she could use a sandwich or two. And she looks mildly annoyed, and wary. There's a look about her that says maybe she's seen far, far too much bullshit and she's not as young as she looks because of it.

Oh well, that doesn't matter, because now she's talking.

Okay. So uh...[ A nosewrinkle. Talking to this thing is not exactly high on her list of things to give a flying fuck about, that much is clear, but somehow she talks herself into it. ]

Names Leigh.

[ It's really not, but she says it confidently enough. ]

I get it. I'm on a ship in space. I've spent several hours trying to disprove it, maybe convince myself that I'm dreaming but...

[ Clearly, that did not happen. A shrug, one shoulder lifts and a look of 'whatever, idgaf' appears on her face at the subtlest shake of her head. ]

Clearly, I'm not. What do I need to know that a few hours of poking around won't tell me? Any useful information will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

[ The thanks is, surprisingly, heartfelt. But anyone good with reading people would probably note she didn't smile once during her talk, even if there were probably moments where a sarcastic smirk would have done well. With that, Charlie settles back, leaning against a corner somewhere as she waits for answers. ]

Prose/Action Sample:

Charlie doesn't care for crowds, despite how useful they are. They're good for disappearing into, but they're also good for getting trapped in. Caught in. She can't begin to count how many times that's almost happened to her and right now, that's all she can think of.

It's dinner time and Charlie's at one of her usual spots, back in a corner as she watches people come and go. But most people aren't going. They're staying and moving in large groups around her and making her feel very uncomfortable. Try as she might, she just can't focus on her food.

Her hands go over her face and she tries to make it look like she's yawning and not trying to refocus herself. Her pen lies nearby and she picks it up, tapping it rapidly on the top of her journal, knee bouncing at the same pace. It's beginning to dawn on her that this isn't the place for her to have a meltdown so, rising to her feet, she grabs her journal and leaves her food behind. The tight, anxious feeling in her chest only gets worse as someone near her shouts to get someone's attention. The noise startles Charlie and the pen in her hand cracks, melting some. That's when she gets really nervous.

Someone saw that, she thinks to herself, looking around to see if this is true. Maybe her thoughts are wrong, but they persist. You know full well someone saw that. How could they not? You know what you need to do.

"I have to get out of here," Charlie says to herself, turning on her heel and hurrying out the door and down the hall, heading to the quiet of somewhere. Anywhere.

She just can't handle a large crowd right now.
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Charlene Roberta McGee was in fact, not at all a girly-girl. She did not get upset at snakes or bugs, she didn't freak out at horror films much (anymore). She was kind of a tough nut to crack in that regard. Unless you happened to be a foot long (okay so maybe more like 6 inches), two headed (or maybe just both ends looked the same), multi-legged thing that ran across her kitchen counter in her and Andrew's tiny apartment in China. Then? Then, she'll shriek and drop what she was trying to cook for dinner.

"Nope! No. Not today." This can be heard through their very small apartment as Charlie hastily TK's the mess into the garbage, cleaning up quickly as she grabs her jacket.

"Andrew? Andrew, I can't cook in here. Not right now. We're hitting one of the stalls in town for dinner."

She refuses too stay in the kitchen another second. What if that thing had friends?

Speaking of that thing, it's no longer on the counter and is in fact scuttling rapidly from one end of the apartment to the other, so in all likelyhood? Andrew will in fact see what's causing Charlie her distress. Charlie tries TKing a few books at it, only to miss each time and before she can set it on fire? It disappears.

"Oh, son of a motherfucking bitch. Where did it go?" She was going to kill it before leaving, don't get in her way.

...or probably just TK it out the window and pray she never sees it again. She just has to find it first.
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It didn't take much to convince Karen Detmer to let Charlie steal Andrew for a concert in Canada. It was just over the border and while they'll probably be back incredibly late, Karen wanted her son to be happy and he seemed happy around Charlie. Charlie made sure Andrew was smiling, even if it was with something minor and now that they were semi-officially dating (let's be honest, karen though they were dating from the start, she just wanted them to catch up.) Karen was more than happy to see the pair together.

So now, they were sat on the roof of an empty office building, across the street from a music festival, watching X Ambassadors play on stage. They couldn't get in because there was an age limit and they were just shy by a year, but Charlie'd found a roof for them to hang out on.

It was during 'Gorgeous' that Andrew's behavior shifted some. He became a bit shy, casting glances at Charlie before casually taking her hand in his and looking at her pointedly. But Charlie's not quite getting the hint, so she tilts her head some.

"Are you okay?"

Well, then.
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In the past month, give or take, Charlie McGee's life had changed drastically. While she was away for a weekend with friends at their beach house in New Jersey, a fire had broken out at home and took everything that mattered to Charlie. Namely, her parents.

After the funeral, she moved to Lima, Ohio to live with her uncle (on her mother's side) and cousin which wasn't a bad thing, realy. It just took charlie a couple weeks to fully settle in, even going so far as to miss the first couple weeks of school.

She just didn't think she was able to leave the house without fear of breaking down in public.

Cry? In front of people she's never met?

No, sir. No, thank you.

But even Charlie understands she can't spend her life in hiding. It's not what her parents would want.

So she went to school, driving her old, red truck into the parking lot and eyeing the building with apprehension.

She didn't want to be here, but here she was, parking and climbing out of the truck, backpack over her shoulder and her records from her old school held firmly in her hand. She calls Kurt, waiting for him to answer so she can tell him she's here, but someone shouts "Hey! New girl!" And all Kurt gets to hear is the all too familiar sound of Slushie hitting fabric and the undignified shriek of Charlie. Followed by an all too glorious string of profanity from Charles.

Welcome to school, Charlie.


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